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Heart To Heart: Book Two in the Angelica Brown Series

Heart To Heart: Book Two in the Angelica Brown Series

Heart To Heart: Book Two in the Angelica Brown Series

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“REMARKABLE” ~ Portland Book Review
“exciting and fast-paced” ~IndieReader
“well written and…excellently involved story ~ Goodreads


When her immortal mom falls into a death-like sleep, 16-year-old up-and-coming pop star Angelica Brown is forced to come of age on her own without the support and protection of her powerful parents.

In this sequel to Blood To Blood, Angel has mastered her epic singing voice—a virtual weapon with the power to literally kill every living thing and destroy any object within earshot. Still, as a newly matured Shimshana, she suffers an all-consuming blood lust and wrestles daily with urges to attack the mortals around her. She breaks up with her boyfriend—18-year-old music producer Sawyer Creed—and loses the nurturing friendship of her BFFs. But after an unexpected reunion with her immortal blood donor Justin McCarthy, their previously shelved passion is re-ignited—and in the wake of its scorching intensity Angel breaks the love triangle and finally discovers the depths of true love.

Paranormal romance Heart To Heart is Book Two in the Angelica Brown series, and the sequel to YA fantasy BLOOD TO BLOOD, the recipient of 4 and-a-half-star reviews from the likes of the San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, and more.

Blood To Blood: Book One in the Angelic Brown Series

Blood To Blood: Second Edition

Blood To Blood: Second Edition

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The first in the Angelica Brown series, Blood To Blood is a young adult modern fantasy novel about a girl who decides to follow her dreams–even if it means going against her family’s ancient traditions and secrets. She’s got an amazing voice and a chance to be a star. Problem is, the pursuit of her dream to be a pop singer may literally kill everyone around her.


Enter the world of Bostonian teen Angelica Brown: budding pop star and descendant of an immortal race of sun-loving blood drinkers known as Shimshana (the vampire prototype).

Defying her parents’ traditions of higher education (and secrecy), Angel plans to ditch high school to be a singer. She’s got an amazing voice, but she’s also maturing into a full-grown Shimshana complete with fearsome power and insatiable bloodlust. What’s worse, her soaring vocals are now capable of destroying everything, and everyone, within earshot; including her girl group, their mysterious producer and Angel’s hunky new blood donor. To top it off, she must prove her worthiness to live by passing the tests in her Mahá–the ancient, mandatory coming-out-party for new-born immortals.

Will Angel survive her Mahá and quickly learn to control her new abilities? Or will her killer instincts bring her promising career, and her life, to an end?

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The best selling short story prequel to the Angelica Brown Series

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tentacles is a short story prequel to Blood To Blood.


Sixteen-year-old Sawyer Creed’s invisible, yet undeniably real, tentacles have seemingly killed every family member who ever hurt his mom–including his alcoholic dad.

Now on mom’s wedding day, Sawyer’s uncontrollable ability puts his family in imminent danger. When the tentacles stretch purposefully toward mom and her new husband, the first guy who’s treated her well, Sawyer, realizing that he’s on a path to destroy the ones he loves, vows to take charge of his destiny by making mom tell him the truth about why he’s different.

The tentacles seem to do his subconscious bidding when he’s angry or scared. Sawyer suspects it is a family legacy, a birthright mom denies. There is only one person who has the answers, one person who can help Sawyer have some semblance of a normal life; and that person, his grandmother and the matriarch of the Creed family, is also the person mom has hidden him from all of his life.

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