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Ife Oshun Author of Blood To Blood

Ife Oshun Author of Blood To Blood

About Ifè Oshun (or Ife Oshun, depending on whether the little accent above the “e” in my name actually renders properly on your computer):

I’m a writer, a mom and an avid music lover. Not necessarily in that order, depending on what day and/or mood you catch me in. But I am always a mom. And always will be a writer. And will always love music.

I was raised on a strict diet of music and sci-fi/fantasy. While still in college (Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University), I worked in local music promotion and as a radio personality for WBRU where I began promoting local bands and interviewing reggae greats such as Eek A Mouse and Linton Kwesi Johnson. Eventually, I wrote rap lyrics, contributed to regional publications, and interviewed personalities such as Russell Simmons, De La Soul, Michelle Williams and Corinne Bailey Rae. After freelancing for publications such as Vibe and Boston Phoenix, I served as writer/content strategist for rap.about.com from 2000-2005 and Editor-In-Chief for HiphopRnbSoul.com (now an archived online music magazine) from 2004 to 2008. Here’s a partial list of folks I interviewed.

A couple of my plays (“X Girls Consider Anarchy When The Music Video Isn’t Enough” and “Fantasy”) were produced Off-Broadway and in Los Angeles. I also produced, and wrote for, television (WGA intern on Star Trek Voyager) and produced a pilot for a Warren G reality show.

Nowadays, I work as a content strategist and content marketer as this place, under the name I was born with. I love helping small businesses and even publishers and fellow authors by making their web presences work for their business goals and their audiences.

The Angelica Brown Series was originally an idea for a TV show, but it took me six  years to realize Angel Brown, Sawyer Creed and Justin McCarthy wanted to live in the world of books. The series is an exploration of music, angels and ordinary immortals who, like everyone, are challenged in love, happiness and the pursuit of their dreams. The first installment, Blood To Blood, is a young adult modern fantasy full of characters I love. Its follow-up, Heart To Heart, ups the ante in Angel’s coming of age saga. I hope you grow to love these characters, too.

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