Blood To Blood Characters – Angel Brown

Blood To Blood Characters – Angel Brown
Blood To Blood: Second Edition

Blood To Blood: Second Edition

Angelica Brown, aka Angel Brown is an anxiety-prone sixteen year old with a fifteen-octave voice. She’s spent years honing her craft (and doing singing gigs behind her parents’ backs) in the hopes that she and her girl group, Kat Trio, will get a record deal. Angel literally sees music. Her dream is to sing for all the people of the world; she can’t see herself doing anything else. Music is her life.

Unfortunately, her parents are not down with that program.

When we meet her, something major is happening: the girls are in the midst of signing their very first deal with a record company. And, something else is happening to Angel when we first meet her: she’s maturing into a blood drinking immortal. Suddenly her transformation has turned her gorgeous voice into a lethal weapon. It has also turned her girls, and her hot producer, into a potential food source.

Will Angel learn how to curb her natural blood lust, and control her killer voice, so she can follow her dream? Read Blood To Blood and find out!

Favorite Angel Quote:

“School sucks. I want to sing.”

Angel likes to wear:

Jeans, jeans and more jeans

Angel’s favorite drink:

Hot lemon tea with honey