O Come All Ye Faithful – RIP Sandy Hook Angels

O Come All Ye Faithful – RIP Sandy Hook Angels

On this weekend when so many Americans need emotional support and a sense of stability in the wake of the unspeakable incidents that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I rediscovered a video which has repeatedly brought comfort to my soul. When I write about “The Note For Which There Is No Name” (Blood To Blood) I think of Mariah Carey and the angelic beauty she communicates in this version of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

At 2:40, there is an indescribable look on Patricia Carey’s face as she gazes at her daughter. That gaze speaks of years of struggle, love, sacrifice and reward. It is a look that revels in the honor of knowing that your “mom work” paid off.This look of pure love and joy almost always brings a smile to my face.

Nevertheless, today my heart breaks when I see the parents of the angels who were taken from us at Sandy Hook; angels whose parents will never have the opportunity to gaze lovingly at them as they live out their dreams. Angels who will never see their children again in this life.

God bless the parents and children of the angels of Sandy Hook. God bless our country and show us the Light.

“O Come All Ye Faithful”

O Come All Ye Faithful – RIP Sandy Hook Angels

Space and Galaxy Photos

Space and Galaxy Photos

I absolutely love cool photos of outerspace; galaxies, nebulas, star systems, and the like have always captured my imagination. When I think of angels, and where they may or may not reside, pictures like these really help to fire up my imagination without bringing the preconceived notions that come with science fiction and space travel movies and television.

There is something so simple, yet complex, about pictures of these types. A lot of the space and galaxy photos I end up pinning onto my Pinterest board come straight from the NASA site. Looking at these pictures bring me a sense of peace and awe, and I’m happy to share some of my favorites with you. Some sites I visit often include:




Space and Galaxy Photos from Nasa.gov

The Orion nebula  wired.com

Omega Centauri - I remember this name being thrown around a lot on one of those really old space shows from the 70s. Or was it Alpha Centauri?

Omega Centauri- hubblesite.org

Some space and galaxy photos from Nasa.gov

Space and Galaxy Photos from Nasa.gov

Merging NGC 2623
Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, ESA, NASA; Processing Martin Pugh

Space and Galaxy Photos from Nasa.gov

This one looks like a giant eye, and always gives me the creeps.

NGC 7293: The Helix Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh

…and one of my favorite:

Space and Galaxy Photos from Nasa.gov

The Horsehead Nebula
Credit & Copyright: Nigel Sharp (NOAO), KPNO, AURA, NSF

Visit my Pinterest board, where I post a lot of these. Hope you enjoyed these photos and visit the sites where you can see hundreds more of these types of photos every day.

My Muses: Cocteau Twins

One music act that has influenced my art (writing and visual) consistently is Cocteau Twins, a Scottish 80s goth band. I first got into them through a roommate and almost immediately fell in love with their sound. Although no Cocteau Twins tunes appear on

Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins

my Blood To Blood playlist, I still listened to them while writing.

For those of you that don’t know, there were no twins in the group. The lead vocalist, Elizabeth Fraser, is probably best known as the voice on Massive Attacks’ classic “Teardrop.”

They disbanded some time in the late 90s, and I always thought it was a crime that a band with a sound this ethereal never got the recognition it deserved. Many would agree, the music is timeless and atmospheric.

My go-to albums are the darker ones where Elizabeth doesn’t bother to sing real words but somehow the lyrics are packed with life-changing meaning.

Treasure is my breathless favorite and features a number of songs that are on the playlist to the follow-up to Blood To Blood


  1. “Ivo” – 3:53
  2. “Lorelei” – 3:43
  3. “Beatrix” – 3:11
  4. “Persephone” – 4:20
  5. “Pandora (for Cindy)” – 5:35
  6. “Amelia” – 3:31
  7. “Aloysius” – 3:26
  8. “Cicely” – 3:29
  9. “Otterley” – 4:04
  10. “Donimo” – 6:19

My Top 3 from this album…

1. “Donimo” always leaves me wanting more. This one song has inspired a number of scenes involving angels:

2. “Pandora” I cried when I first heard this. Sometimes I still do:

3. “Lorelei” – Rather happy but just as ethereal

Very Honorable Mentions:

“Pearly Dewdrops Drops” What human words can describe this song? Surely this is the sound of something Higher.

“Musette and Drums” Sheer brilliance. Best with headphones at the moment when darkness softly devours the last of the daylight: