Top 10 Nelson Mandela Links

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Links

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Links

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Links – Photo:

My 9 year old asked me who was Nelson Mandela. At that moment I realized that I hadn’t sufficiently done my job.

Why do we endlessly discuss only the people that have passed on; King, Ghandi, Teresa, Jesus, but the living legends remain spoken about only every now and then? Why must death precede canonization?

It has been twenty minutes since I learned of the passing of one the world’s greatest leaders. So many emotions are flooding my head and heart. I want to give an answer that will really address the question. Who was Nelson Mandela?

It’s a simple question but the answer is epic and, perhaps, as endless as the man’s impact on the world and future generations.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

The easiest way for me to answer is to compile a list of authoritative links that will collectively do justice to the magnanimity of the life of, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest people to walk the face of this earth. Instead of relying on my rambling attempts to explain in a few breaths, I hope this list will help my son, and anyone reading this, to truly understand the enduring power of humility, forgiveness, grace and strength in the face of great adversity.

Rest in peace, Madiba. You are with the Ancestors now.

Top 10 Nelson Mandela Links

  1. The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela:
  2. Nelson Mandela on Wikipedia:
  3. Nelson – Send a message of condolence to Mr. Mandela’s family:
  4. Mandela: An Audio History (NPR):
  5. BBC – A wealth of information on Mr. Mandela:
  6. Nelson Mandela – The ANC Archives – Video, audio, documents, photos and so much more. This is a virtual treasure trove.:
  7. Youtube – Nelson Mandela – Decades of video clips on Nelson Mandela:
  8. Nelson Mandela –
  9. The Nelson Mandela Museum:
  10. Nelson Mandela – – Send messages of condolence, read speeches and writings, and more:

My Muses: Cosby Show

Inspiration for the family in Blood To Blood came from what some may consider to be an unlikely source: The Cosby Show.

Cosby Show: The Huxtable family

The Huxtables

Long ago (early 2000s), in a land far, far away (Los Angeles) when I was working on a different project (Star Trek) the idea for a TV show came to me. The family was based, in part and very loosely, on the family from the show, the Huxtables.

Since the theme of family comes up again and again in my work, it’s no surprise that the Huxtables inspired my writing. The series gave us a strong mom and dad who were both successful in the professional world, and managed to translate that success daily on the home front by making their family the priority.

Interestingly enough, when the Cosby Show first came out, some people were blown away by Black American characters who didn’t display any of the stereotypical dysfunction heretofore marketed to TV audiences. The reality of educated, upper middle-class Black American family life had been unseen on prime time. Millions of viewers became fascinated by a typical American family that was once considered The Other.

It’s the concept of Otherness disguised in the packaging of The Everyday that fascinates me.

As with the other family that inspired Blood To Blood, the element of otherness percolating within the framework of day-to-day life (or, as in the case with Dark Shadows, the ordinary percolating within the framework of Strangeness) inspires me to create characters who deal with the same issues we all deal with, but in a slightly “different” context.

Like most families, Angel Brown’s family grapples with the daily challenges of raising children into responsible adults, making good decisions, living a moral life, etc. The fact that they’re witches and blood drinkers is the stuff that makes them different, but it’s the commonality, the connection to all families, that makes them familiar.



Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your “Thoughts,” they become words. Watch your “Words,” they become actions. Watch your “Actions,” they become habits. Watch your “Habits,” they become character. Watch your “Character,” for it becomes your “Destiny.” ~ Frank Outlaw

This quote says it all. My son memorized this when he was 7. I was so thrilled, I patted myself on the back like “Yeah, you’re a good mom.” A week or so after, he forgot it.

Oh well.

I’m assuming it’s somewhere in his subconscious, coloring his emerging character and personality.

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Either way, I’m going to buy this poster and put it on his wall.

Seriously though, this is a favorite quote of mine and I’d like to get your thoughts on this. Do you think this is true?