Heart To Heart Signed Paperback

The Heart To Heart Signed Paperback is available!

Heart To Heart Signed Paperback

Heart To Heart Signed Paperback

Many of you have asked for personalized paperback copies of Heart To Heart: Book Two in the Angelica Brown Series and I’m happy to supply them for you.

Paperback copies of Heart To Heart feature the artwork seen to the left, are formatted 5.5″ x 8.5″ and feature black type printed on cream paper. That’s typical YA fantasy book formatting so it will match the other lovely books in your growing library.

If you are looking for autographed copies of Blood To Blood: Book One in the Angelica Brown Series, too, check here.

As always, I autograph each paperback copy myself. If you want it made out to a particular person or people, don’t forget to include their name(s) in the notes section of your order.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your Heart to Heart signed paperback!

All autographed copies are only $20, that includes shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.

 Heart To Heart Signed Paperback

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