Muse 2013 – Boston

Muse 2013 – Boston

Last night, I took some time away from tapping on the computer to see my favorite band Muse. This time around they’re touring North America in support of their latest album The 2nd Law, and, as always, they were EPIC. If you have never seen them live, go now.

I took some video; unfortunately the sound is terrible, but you can get a great feeling for the light show. A friend who works at the Boston (TD for the corporate purists) Garden hooked me up with the playlist before the show. I was very excited to see they’d be playing a good mix of the new stuff, not so new stuff (from the previous album Resistance), older stuff (as in Starlight from Black Holes and Revelations) and classics (“Time Is Running Out” and one of my all-time faves “Stockholm Syndrome” from waaaay back in the day). What I didn’t know was they’d nix one of the new songs (“Animals”) for one of my top 3 Muse songs, (“Map of the Problematique”), or that they’d do a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s version of the “Star Spangled Banner” or a great partial cover of “House of The Rising Sun” complete with the audience singing the lyrics. Need I say I was amped?

So now, more than 24 hours later I’m still high on Muse adrenaline. I’m no groupie but I would definitely travel to another city, or country to see this band. Believe me, there is no other band in the world I can say that about. Below you can get an idea as to why their’s is referred to as one of, and sometimes THE, best live rock show on the planet. Their laser shows gets sicker every year.

Muse Apr. 12 – Boston “Follow Me”

Muse Apr. 12 – Boston “Supermassive Blackhole”

Muse Apr. 12, Boston – Uprising

Muse 2013 – Boston

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