“Oh, Babe What Would You Say” – Hurricane Smith

“Oh, Babe What Would You Say” – Hurricane Smith

This song started playing in my head almost immediately after my dad passed away a few days ago. I have been constantly playing it on continuous loop ever since.

The version I downloaded from iTunes is just as my subconscious remembered it; featuring a lush background of big band strings and horns with a glorious saxophone solo.

I love this song. Joy ensues every time I hear it. Memories of my loving dad as the center of my world flood my senses with every note. Reading the comments from others around the ‘net shows that I’m not alone. There is an intrinsically nostalgic vibe to this song which has withstood the test of time.

I also uncovered a performance from the Johnny Carson show.

Hurricane Smith, a studio engineer, worked extensively with the Beatles which may or may not explain the upbeat quirkiness. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Rest in glorious peace, daddy. Thanks for the memories.

Hurricane Smith on YouTube

“Oh, Babe What Would You Say” – Hurricane Smith

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