Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your “Thoughts,” they become words. Watch your “Words,” they become actions. Watch your “Actions,” they become habits. Watch your “Habits,” they become character. Watch your “Character,” for it becomes your “Destiny.” ~ Frank Outlaw

This quote says it all. My son memorized this when he was 7. I was so thrilled, I patted myself on the back like “Yeah, you’re a good mom.” A week or so after, he forgot it.

Oh well.

I’m assuming it’s somewhere in his subconscious, coloring his emerging character and personality.

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Either way, I’m going to buy this poster and put it on his wall.

Seriously though, this is a favorite quote of mine and I’d like to get your thoughts on this. Do you think this is true?


Weekly Word: Daily Actions

“Anytime that you notice you’re not feeling well, ask yourself ‘What am I thinking?’ Usually it’s a negative thought.” ~ Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield usually hits the nail on the head when it comes to the how. How to take the law of attraction and make it a practical application to daily life. This installment sees him give some advice on things we can do everyday to change our lives and reach the goals we’re striving for. Good stuff!

Whenever I find myself having “one of those days” I think about my thoughts about what is going on in my life. It would be easy for me to say “Oh, X Y and Z is happening, and that’s why I feel this way blah blah blah.” But the real truth about what’s going on is my thoughts about X Y and Z and the blah blah blah.

One daily action I am working on making a habit is training my mind to work for me and not against me. Yep, it’s hard, but the benefits are immediate.