Blood To Blood Available in Pre-release

Blood To Blood: Available in pre-release via Amazon (Kindle). Buy or borrow today!

Blood To Blood Novel

Blood To Blood Novel

Finally, after 3 years of writing, re-writing, editing and querying over and over again, my book is out and in the world. Blood To Blood, available in pre-release, is my first novel.

*Major exhale* Phew!

I am so very excited to be sharing these characters with everyone! There’s something very liberating about knowing that I did my part to infuse these characters with the personalities they showed me, and now it’s out of my hands.

During pre-release, the book will be available exclusively through Kindle where you can buy or borrow it. The official release, which will see it available across multiple platforms as well as in hard copy, will be in October 2012.

There’s nothing more I can do with this book except hope that readers enjoy it and fall in love with Angel, Sawyer and Justin, too.

By the way, you may wonder how I chose to celebrate this momentous occasion. I went to see Dark Knight Rises. It rocked. However, my prayers and love energy go out to the people whose lives were forever changed by the senseless killings at a screening this past weekend.

Well, I’m off to write the next story. Hmmm…it may include at least one of the above-mentioned Blood To Blood characters. In the meantime, enjoy an excerpt.


Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Watch your “Thoughts,” they become words. Watch your “Words,” they become actions. Watch your “Actions,” they become habits. Watch your “Habits,” they become character. Watch your “Character,” for it becomes your “Destiny.” ~ Frank Outlaw

This quote says it all. My son memorized this when he was 7. I was so thrilled, I patted myself on the back like “Yeah, you’re a good mom.” A week or so after, he forgot it.

Oh well.

I’m assuming it’s somewhere in his subconscious, coloring his emerging character and personality.

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Weekly Word: Watch Your Thoughts

Either way, I’m going to buy this poster and put it on his wall.

Seriously though, this is a favorite quote of mine and I’d like to get your thoughts on this. Do you think this is true?