Blood To Blood Character – Sawyer Creed

Blood To Blood Character – Sawyer Creed (as portrayed in the Angelica Brown Series)

Blood To Blood Characters - Sawyer Creed

Blood To Blood Characters – Sawyer Creed

Sawyer Creed is an intense nineteen year-old music producer recruited by Angel’s record label to come up with a hit for Angel and her group Kat Trio. Dubbed as an up-and-coming genius, Sawyer created a number of Top 10 hits by the age of seventeen. Despite his blond, green-eyed good looks, he’s frowning when Angel Brown first meets him. Turns out he frowns a lot, but not for the reason suspected by Angel.

Although Sawyer’s had success on the pop charts, Angel thinks he’s a bad-tempered flash in the pan and as a result she isn’t too keen on working with him. In fact, she hates him before she even meets him. So why exactly is she so fascinated by him the minute? Read Blood To Blood and find out!


Some fun info about the Blood to Blood character Sawyer Creed:

Favorite Sawyer Quote:

“What? No goosebumps?”

Sawyer likes to wear:

Adidas, Puma and Rocawear, and baseball caps.

Sawyer favorite hobby:

Music. He barely leaves the studio.

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 Blood To Blood Character – Sawyer Creed