Beacon Hill Halloween 2017

Beacon Hill: Halloween in Angel Brown’s Neighborhood

Beacon Hill: Halloween in Angel Brown’s Neighborhood

Beacon Hill: Halloween in Angel's neighborhood

Beacon Hill: Halloween in Angel’s neighborhood

Every year the residents of Beacon Hill host a fantastic multi-block Halloween party that sees hundreds of costumed people–kids, parents, tourists, Halloween enthusiasts, weirdos–roaming from door to door, with expanding bags of candy, smiles, and clicking cameras. The atmosphere is festive, like a Northeastern mardi gras.

This is just one of the reasons why I decided that Beacon Hill would be Angel Brown‘s neighborhood. Her family has lived there since the 1800s. In Blood To Blood, we start to get a taste of the deep sense of wonder Angel has for her ‘hood:

The feeling of my toes catching in the crevices between the uneven bricks made me appreciate, again, the history of my neighborhood. The gas lighting, colonial architecture, and sense of danger in the dark, centuries-old alleyways always fascinated me. ~ from Blood To Blood

In an upcoming Angel Brown installment (shh, I can’t say which one!), we’ll see the family participate in the yearly Halloween festivities. I’m really enjoying weaving this tradition, and more Beacon Hill history, into Angel Brown’s story. In the meantime, here are a bunch of pics I took tonight. Happy Halloween! And don’t forget Heart To Heart will be released November 3!


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